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ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020 (7-9/13)

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

In no particular order, based purely on repeated listens.

The Postal Service - Everything Will Change⠀

No, this isn’t a follow up to their wonderful (and only) album ‘Give Up’, unfortunately. It is, though, a crisp (and rare) live offering performed at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, California during Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello’s 2013 reunion tour. This has been pumped to high heaven since it was available to stream, with each song performed to polished studio levels with beautiful added vocals and various other drum/synth/guitar solo touches. Wonderful stuff.⠀

1975 - Note On A Conditional Form⠀

I’ve always enjoyed the 1975. It's pop, yes, but not as you know it! The production can often veer heavily into electronic/UK garage territory and I mega rate that. 'Frail State Of Mind’ has an MJ Cole vibe, while ‘Yeah I know’ would’ve been dropped by EZ back in the day if Wookie, Sticky or Matt Jam Lamont etc had gotten their remixing mitts on it. There is also some kind of movie soundtrack feel about many of their songs, which I love too, such as 'Having no head' which is something Jon Hopkins would be proud of. Just like previous albums, this eclectic range of productions continues on in the same way in this one, but possibly with a more of pop/folk angle just to add to the myriad of genre crossovering. ‘What should I say’ is also an absolute banger and wouldn't be out of place in a hiphop set. Eclectic and as interesting as ever. ⠀

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