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ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020 (12-13/13)

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

In no particular order, based purely on repeated listens.

The Streets - None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive

Mike Skinner is potentially one of the best English electronic dance producers of the last 20 years, taking huge cues from the UK Garage scene from 2000-04 to shape his sound - and ultimately make his sound entirely his own. It’s not garage, it’s Mike Skinner. Capable of raw, dirty sounding club tracks to stuff that’s softer and sweet (Think Kano’s ‘Nite Nite’, or his remix of the the Twang’s ‘Either Way’), it doesn’t really matter what he does or in what way, it’s always a banger, and this album is no different. Welcome return from the producer maestro, taking his sound back to the urban streets of 2020. Hooray for coming out of retirement, big return to form.

The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You

Twenty years on from their debut album, their third offering ‘We Will Always Love You’, is beautiful from start to finish and probably their best work to date. Not ones to rush their work, the music world is therefore very lucky to have music from an Artist such as the Avalanches, which makes this very special indeed. Highly Recommended.

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