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ALBUMS OF THE YEAR 2020 (1-3/13)

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

In no particular order, based purely on repeated listens.

Gorrilaz - Song Machine, Season One: Strange Times (Deluxe)⠀⠀


Damon Albarn fascinates me. To go from leading one of the biggest Brit Pop bands in British Music history (and be part of one of the biggest band rivalries ever) that iconised an era in British Music history to then move on to creating a bizarre and somewhat mysterious, invisible electronic band with a 90s hip hop undercurrent, to then grow that seemingly strange music project laced with his now almost unnoticeable Brit Pop voice to become as big as the enormous Brit Pop band that came before him, is nothing short of incredible, not to mention visionary genius. Who knew he had it in him, nevertheless, it's bloody impressive. He has cleverly used to the platform of The Gorrilaz as a means of expressing (and exploiting) his musical wizardry and he has proved his genius again and again, and they have they just got better and better. I am eteranally fascinated by the Gorillaz as they have quite clearly, been created ever so meticulously, with one eye on maintaining some kind of mystery and wonder. ⠀

Anyway, this album is as cool as ever and packed with features as you would expect. I particularly love the tune ('Aries') with Peter Hook of New Order, which is just quality, followed by 'Friday the 13th', which features up and coming uk/French Grime artist, Octavian, as well as 'Momentary Bliss' with Slowtai and Slaves.⠀


Caribou - Suddenly ⠀⠀


Nearly forgot about this one! Lovely second album from the Canadian electronic producer. 'Ravi' and 'Never Come Back' are particular highlights, but solid throughout. ⠀⠀


Christine And The Queens - La vita Nova EP⠀⠀


Had this on repeat for the entire summer. ‘I disappear In Your Arms/Je Disparais dans yes bras’ is an absolute club banger that I was convinced was produced by Timbaland, but isn’t. Still Big. (Reason I thought this is because it’s incredibly reminiscent of Bjork’s track ‘Innocence’ which was produced by Timbaland… go check that too!).

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