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Personal story....



Rpn was founded in late 2013 from frustrations in not being unable to find a looser, longer, casually fitting t-shirt on the high street, or from any brand. If they were long enough they were way too wide, or if the width was good they were too short. Every now and then I'd get lucky, but it was an arduous task gambling on products online, or even worse - traipsing round the shops and trawling through tshirts. Furthermore, I couldn't rely on  buying the same tshirt again from a brand that had offered the tsirt I wanted again, as measurements would often change, which was very frustrating. 

If I did get lucky I would have to bulk buy because I would never find that cut of t-shirt again, but surely it wasn't that hardl? To easily find something a little bigger? Maybe it's my height and build that was getting in the way of mainstream t-shirt measurements,  but I couldn't be the only person looking for something like this surely? Either way, nobody was offering a basic oversized T-shirt. A gap in the market emerged - so I began making my own, an Rpn was born. 


My aim was to create a reliably sized tshirt brand for people looking for something a bit looser and longer that could be worn casually on almost any occasion - be it going out to a bar with friends, slinging on for a walk in the park, with shorts in the summer or to just lounge around the house in. Casual but cool. Practical but comfy. A 'go to', simple, casual and cool t-shirt. But more importantly, a cut of t-shirt that would never change where measurements stay the same. A brand to rely on. 


But, of course, this was just the start - the visuals were also hugely important. It was vital that the brand looked unique and was themed accordingly. So, in 2017, taking inspiration from anything abstractly colourful, pop art visuals and from cool artists (such as Camille Walala -, I dug deep and reshaped the brand, culminating in a vision of one part art and colour and one part classic/urban - which is what you see today. 


It has been an exciting journey so far, creating new designs & adjusting small details to create the very best product possible for Rpn customers.


I really hope you enjoy the site & the products. Rpn is about creating solid, functional, casual products that are visually interesting yet subtle, and that ultimately speak for themselves. Big thanks to all our customers so far! It is always great to hear from people, see tagged pictures on social media and I am available 24hrs a day to discuss anything.


Thank you!


(this is me below! And if you were wondering, I am 6ft and wearing a medium Rpn CWI 1 T-shirt.)



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